Women Of Wisdom Ministry – W.O.W.

wowBlessings and Greetings,

It is with Jesus Joy that I welcome you to the Women of Wisdom Ministry. We have been laboring in the Master’s vineyard since 1993. Our Kingdom Assignment is to impart Godly wisdom to women who need progressive spiritual increase in their lives.

It is with honor that we have been able to touch the lives of women from various social and economic backgrounds including women in business to women in crisis.  We reach out to married women through the 1st Wives Club, teaching young girls and teens to respect themselves through the Vessels of Honor, as well as inspiring women who are housed in various shelters across the City of Chicago.

I would like to take this opportunity to inspire you to join us for various upcoming events, fellowships and teachings.  It is and shall always be my reasonable service to share with you what God’s plan is for his daughters.

With Kingdom Love,

Pastor Bonita Sams
Women of Wisdom Ministry




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